Bowron Rugs

Supplied in Scotland

Add a touch of nature and timelessness into your home with the world’s finest sheepskin product – Bowron rugs.

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Handcrafted sheepskin rugs

At Lynas Carpets, we specialise in offering an array of styles and types of flooring, carpets and rugs, including the beautifully handcrafted sheepskin rugs by Bowron. We supply thousands of homes and offices all over Scotland with a taste of lavishness provided by these high-quality and hand-picked sheepskin Bowron rugs.

Features of Bowron rugs

Handcrafted in New Zealand, the world’s finest sheepskin is transformed by craftsmen into the highest quality shearling leather, which ooze opulence and style. We offer a range of designs, from long wool rugs to high traffic durable rugs, there is something for everyone.
  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours
  • They add a taste of luxury and style into your home
  • They are a popular item for interior decoration in homes and offices
  • They provide extreme comforts
  • They are easy to maintain and long lasting

Indulge in luxury

No matter what your preferences are, we can offer you our broad range of Bowron rugs. These extravagant, hand-picked sheepskin rugs are sure to complete any look.